We produce a custom phone message from your individual script.

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For a wider selection of royalty free music visit our music portal www.massivetracks.net.

To find the phone message package that meets your needs, choose from the following selection:

- Answering machine message
- Music on hold message
- Phone greeting
- Busy greeting - on hold message
- Mobile voicemail greeting
- After hours greeting
- Special announcements

Price list:  
1 phone message without music: 1 voicer over talent (male/female) script provided by customer (max. 75 words)
$ 150
1 phone message incl. 1 royalty free song: 1 voicer over talent (male/female) script provided by customer (max. 75 words)
$ 180
2 phone messages without music: 1 voicer over talent (male/female) script provided by customer (max. 150 words)
$ 220
2 phone messages incl. 1 royalty free music title: 1 voicer over talent (male/female) script provided by customer (max. 150 words)

$ 250
3 phone messages incl. 1 royalty free music title: 1 voicer over talent (male/female) script provided by customer (max. 225 words)
$ 280
Phone message package of 4 messages of your choice, spoken by a professional voice talent (male/female). Plus 1 royalty free music title of your choice, script provided by customer (max. 350 words)
$ 300
Extra charges apply for:  
each additional voice over talent (male/female), each additional language (Spanish, French, German, Italian etc.)
+ Available upon request
each professional translation by native speaker (Spanish, French, German, Italian etc.) (max 75 words)
+ $ 40
each additional royalty free music title
+ $ 49
Quantity discount: after the 5. message, each additional message costs:
+ Available upon request
Price for Mailbox messages:  
For 01-05 Mailbox messages (total price)
$ 160,00
From 06-20 Mailbox messages ( each ) $ 32,00
From 21-50 Mailbox messages ( each ) $ 30,85
From 51-200 Mailbox messages ( each ) $ 30,00
Over 200 Mailbox messages on inquiry
Important Information:  

We will select music for your phone message, if desired.

Other phone message options (languages) are also available on request.

Production time is approximately 3 days.

We are happy to produce exclusive music to fit your business / Corporate Audio

Please note, depending on the requirements of the production prices may be discounted.

Please contact us for a free quote.

A larger selection of royalty free music is available on our partner site: www.massivetracks.net

How does the production of a custom phone message work?
1. The customer contacts us via email, or phone.
2. We discuss in detail - script length, mood of music/message, and its intended purpose - to determine which phone message is best for you.
3. The customer receives a precise estimate of the production cost, and then issues a written request via email.
4. Start of production. The customer receives a preview of the production with a security tracking tone. Our recordings meet top quality studio standards.
5. The customer pays for the production by credit card, via Paypal, or bank transfer.
6. The customer will receive the finished production without the security tracking tone by email/ FTP download, along with the invoice, and a royalty free music license. The production will be delivered in the audio format requested. (e.g. Alaw/Ulaw 8 Bit 8Khz mono, wav 16 bit 8000hz, or mp3 128kbit mono)
Audio Examples:

Audio voice samples for custom phone messages:
Female Voice Talents
Male Voice Talents
Audio Examples

Buffy   US US English*    
Diane   US US English*    
Karen   US US English*    
Rachel   US US English*    
Rebecca   UK UK English*    
Jane   UK UK English*    
Juliet   UK UK English*    
Spanisch Spanish*
Französisch French*
Portuguese Portuguese*
Deutsch German*
Französisch French*
US US English
Deutsch German*
Italienisch Italian*
Russisch Russian*
Polnisch Polish*
* native speaker
Audio Examples

David   US US English*    
Zack   US US English*    
Mike   US US English*    
Michael   US US English*    
Simon   UK UK English*    
David L.   UK UK English*    
Spanisch Spanish*
Französisch French*
Deutsch German*
US US English
Deutsch German*
Italienisch Italian*
* native speaker

If you prefer a pre-recorded phone message, or on hold music for 29€, please click here to go through our simple menu.


Pre-recorded Voicemail Greetings for:
completely royalty free - valid for an unlimited period of time - no additional fees

Our voice talents are professional and experienced radio announcers that will leave the perfect impression with your callers.
What our customers are saying..
  • Wow, the recording sounds even more professional than what I was expecting, many thanks!

    - Brent
    Bytes Ahead Ltd.

  • Thanks so much, the recordings are perfect!

    - Oleg
    On The Ready I.T. Consulting

  • The recorded message sounds perfect!

    - Denis
    Chelsea Auction INC.

  • Very Good quick service. Would recommend

    - Neil
    Cartridge Tech Ltd.

  • We are tickled pink with the voice message and appreciate the professionalism it infers.

    - Lynn
    All About Training, Inc.

  • Amazing ! Thank you

    - Zac
    N-Patrol Security Systems Inc.

Ordering & Payment:
by Phone - Please call +1 213-412-0548
by Email:
Order conveniently by email.
by PAYPAL / CREDIT CARD (24hrs / day):
The fastest and most convenient way to acquire a phone message is to pay via Paypal.

You can download your pre-recorded phone message immediately after payment/order from our FTP server. (24 hrs. a day)
Paypal is the most widely recognized and most secure online payment service. With more than a 100 million users worldwide.
If you have further questions regarding ordering, you may contact us any time.


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